| May 3 | Worship at Home

The Oasis in Philippi (Acts 16:11-15, Phil 2:5-11, Phil 4:1-3)

Welcome To Worship!

If you've worshiped with us online before, you will notice that there are fewer total videos this week. This is because each video is one "movement" of the service: Gathering, Word, Communion and Sending. In between the videos you will see resources and ways you can pause to reflect and interact. Please continue to be an active worshiper as you work through the service this morning.

Let's get started!

Closed captioning is available on all videos. Hover over the video and then click the "CC" button to access.

Gathering: Enter Into God's Presence With Praise

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Every week we worship God by giving back to Him some of what He has given to us. And every week 20% of that gift goes to support the Kingdom-work of missionaries, churches and organizations around the world. This week we'll hear about one of our core mission partners - Heart to Honduras.

Word: Hear God's Message For You

Sermon Notes | Discussion and reflection questions

Looking for more Bible teaching? View a deeper discussion of this text and sermon tonight on Facebook Live at 9pm.

Kids' Sermon

Communion: Join Jesus At The Table

While we are receiving communion in houses throughout the city, we recognize that we are practicing this together. In communion, Jesus is present to us. And he binds us in community with all other believers, everywhere and throughout all of history.

Sending: Prepare To Follow Jesus This Week