Covid Protocol Updates See current information regarding our Covid protocols for in-person services. Click Here

Current Covid Protocols

See below for current updates regarding our Covid safety

We are being guided by the decisions of Upper Arlington and Hilliard schools as well as the COVID transmission rate in Franklin County. A UALC Task Force of church and healthcare leaders will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as needed. Please see below for the most recent guidelines.

Youth Ministry

  • All youth in grades kindergarten - twelfth grade must wear a mask when participating in ministry in the buildings.
  • All workers participating in youth ministries (kindergarten - twelfth grade) must wear a mask while in the building.

Weekly Gathered Worship and Adult Ministry

  • Until further notice, the 11:00 AM service at our Mill Run Campus will require masks to be worn while indoors.
  • Unless otherwise stated, we recommend but do not require masks to be worn at all other worship services and adult ministries in the buildings.
  • Masks will be available at the front entrances during Sunday Worship.
  • Social distancing is optional. The option to be distanced is available at both campuses.
  • No pre-registration is required for worship services.
  • Thank you for your grace and flexibility to adhere to the individual needs and choices of our ministry leaders.

*A few important notes:

Facial coverings are recommended but not required in our buildings except for kids' ministries. Consistent with the best medical advice, we encourage those who have not been vaccinated to to wear facial coverings. However, we are on the honor system in this matter - we will not inquire about another person's vaccination status. That is a private matter. Please continue to love one another by wearing a facial covering if you are not vaccinated and by honoring the choices of those who choose to continue to wear facial coverings and those who do not.

Let's continue to think, speak, and act in ways that express the love of Jesus to one another! Please continue to respect boundaries and ask before you get close to someone, especially if they are masked.

Current Campus Hours

Lytham Road Campus: Monday - Thursday | 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (Closed on Fridays)

Mill Run Campus: Monday - Thursday | 8:00 am - 4:30 pm (Closed on Fridays)